In January of 2017, I went out to celebrate the New Year with my wife and friends. The photos afterwards were not flattering and suddenly I realized what my New Years resolution needed to be. I just couldn’t find any direction in how to go about losing weight.

February 14th, 2017 I wanted to take my wife out for Valentine’s day but I couldn’t fit into one of my suits. I was mortified when I realized I had reached my “Dead Weight”. I swore I’d never get up to 264 lbs, yet I was just seven pounds away at 257. I knew it was time to do something! I cut back on my eating habits and started walking more. I figured doing “something” was better than doing nothing at all.” By the 10th of March I dropped four pounds and was down to 253 lbs. This really pumped me up! I contacted my cousin, a fitness instructor and she helped me out with a few insights into nutrition and then informed of a mobile app I could download to my phone. After a few more weeks, I was getting the hang of how food worked and what calories are. I started parking further away from my office and walking more and more.

I am now down a total of fourteen pounds and not only do my clothes fit better but I feel better. I’m sleeping better and food is not some pleasure seeking ritual I partake in three times a day. I realize it’s just something I need to do in order to keep my body working. I need it for energy, not pleasure.

This blog is my personal journey to losing weight and everything I learn along the way. Feel free to follow along and let me know how it and if it helps you!

Thanks for reading!