Back when I started this blog at the end of February I weight 257 lbs. I was close to my death weight of 260 lbs. and was scared to death that if I didn’t do something right away, I would find myself dead on the floor of my doctor’s office. I went full commando with nutrition and did everything I could to lose weight without killing myself and today I’ve learned that I’ve lost a total of TEN POUNDS!

2655085335_eae3627d1c_bDid you ever have one of those day were everything just seems to perfect?  This morning I stopped at the dry cleaners to drop off some clothes and when I finished, the nice woman behind the counter said, “Have a nice day!” I turned around to wish her the same and she said, “You are looking very nice today” I smiled and thanked her, thinking nothing of it until I arrived at my doctor’s appointment. I checked in for my appointment and after sitting in the waiting room for some time, the doctor arrived at the door and called my name. I stood up and after greeting her she looked at me with an odd look. “You look different.” She said with some astonishment in her voice.
I do?” I asked.
Did you lose weight?” She said.
Actually, I did.” I was shocked that anyone would notice, but on Sunday, I had stepped on the scale and noticed that I had lost weight. Over the weeks, I had made it a point to weigh myself on Sunday mornings. The first time was a loss of FOUR POUNDS and I thought, “WOW! That’s awesome!” After that, it was two pounds here, one pound there but nothing really  shocking to me. It didn’t dawn on me until I was on my way to see my nutritionist this morning that I totaled a loss of ten pound!

Back when I started this blog at the end of February I weight 257 lbs. I was close to my death weight of 260 lbs. and was scared to death that if I didn’t do something right away, I would find myself dead on the floor of my doctor’s office. I went full commando with nutrition and did everything I could to lose weight without killing myself and today I’ve learned that I’ve lost a total of TEN POUNDS! 10lbsweightIn my head I didn’t really think that ten pounds was a big deal, but folks are actually seeing a difference in me. I’m actually feeling the difference and when I had my vital signs taken at my doctor’s visit, there is a noticeable difference. On my last visit, my blood pressure was 148 systolic over 88 diastolic. Today my blood pressure was 116 systolic over 72 diastolic. That is all due to the loss of weight and the change in my diet. I’m not taking any miracle medicine or doing any weird exercises; I’m just eating properly and drinking more water and watching my caloric intake. Every few hours I get off of my ass and walk around the building for a few minutes and then sit back down at my desk. That’s it. Once I get down to 245 lbs. I’ll start taking my dog for long walks after work. Once I get down to 139 lbs., I’ll start to incorporate some cardio workouts into my afternoon after walking the dog.

Before you read any further I need to make one thing perfectly clear – I am not a paid sponsor for any product. Earlier in my blog I mentioned the web site “MyFitnessPal.com” and I spoke of the effectiveness that it had in helping me with keep track of my caloric intake. My cousin, Darci was a huge help in getting me to understand how use such a tool. However, as I became more determined to lose this weight, I picked up a fitbit and logged on to the fitbit dashboard to get my new toy set up and I found it more user friendly. Even though I could have synced the fitbit dashboard to the Myfitnesspal website, I didn’t want to go through all of that. I simply deleted myfitness and am sticking with fitbit. It tracks my steps (just like MyFitness) and it tracks my meals and calories (just like MyFitness) and it also tracks my sleep cycle, which MyfitnessPal would have done, but I feel fitbit does this more accurately because it gets a reading directly from the fitbit device I’m wearing.

   So, you’re probably asking, “What’s the secret?” or “What did you do so special?”
I didn’t do any special and there is no secret. I set a plan in motion and I stuck to it. If you recall, back in February’s blog I mentioned that I was frustrated because I wasn’t seeing any progress. The problem is that we want to see immediate results but that just isn’t realistic. Even though we gain weight quickly, we do not lose weight quickly. It takes time to rid our body of fat, but the truth is that if we are patient and consistent, we will see results.

   Let me give you some tips to help you set yourself up for real success!

  1.  SET GOALS FOR YOURSELF: Some folks set weekly goals or monthly goals to lose a certain amount of weight and for most I guess that’s fine. What are your goals?When I did was set an ultimate goal. With the help of Fitbit, and the fitbit.com dashboard, I set an ultimate goal of losting 40lbs. and I want to lose those forty pounds by August 19th. Fitbit.com suggested my caloric intake should be 1690 calories a day and my physical activity should be “moderate”.
  2. HURRY UP & WEIGHT: Be patient when losing weight. Even though it seems like it is taking forever, be patient and know that it will happen. 080520If you want to lose weight, be patient. Don’t beat yourself up if the weight doesn’t drop off even if you follow every fat-losing edict in the universe. Sometimes the deck is stacked against you due to our evolutionary wiring that developed during periods of starvation. One recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine strongly suggests that weight regain has a lot more to do with hormones involved in appetite regulation than lack of willpower. Maintaining fat loss can be complicated, so keep at it and make healthy living your first priority.
  3. Avoid WEIGHT LOSS SCAMS: When you’re feeling at your lowest and your desperate to try anything to lose those pounds, the internet becomes your savior. Pop-up ads seem to hold the answers that you’ve been waiting for and 080519quick YouTube videos have magical weight loss secrets that have made you wonder why you’ve never heard of them before. Scams like these prey on your vulnerabilities and insecurities. I know – I’ve ordered all types of herbs and supplements all because I was tired of being fat and hoped one of those powders or pills would hold the answer I was looking for. CLICK HERE TO MAKE SURE YOU’RE NOT BEING SCAMMED.  Also, remember that television doctors and talk show host doctors are people who live on money. They love getting paid for endorsements and they may take money to put their name on a product such as a magic berry pills or a super powders, but it doesn’t mean that berry or powder will actually work just because it has that doctor’s name on it. Let us not forget that some advertisements may not even have that doctor’s permission to use their name. Always check with your doctor before falling victim to a miracle diet scam.

I lost ten pounds but it wasn’t easy. I found out the hard way that I was eating the wrong foods or that I wasn’t eating enough food. For the first four weeks, I was eating too much sugar and sodium before I realized that I had to change my diet again. I believe now I have my calories set right “for me”. What I’m doing is my setting and may not work for you. You will have to find  your personal setting. This is why it’s important to stay away from diet scams and miracle cures. They’ll help you lose that initial water weight, but they won’t help you build a lifelong diet plan to help you get accustomed to. Miracle cures and a quick fixes are short term cures to long term issues.

My advice is to see your doctor; get the professional advise you deserve and then talk to your nutritionist and set up a diet plan and caloric count that is designed “for you” and your specific needs. Once you have this in place, the rest is easy. I’m living proof!

The first image is me at 257 pounds back in February. The next image is me, just moments ago at 247 pounds. What a difference ten pounds make, right! You can do it if you wanna do it. You just have to want to make the difference and it can be done! I want to see my grandchildren grow up. I want to live to see the age of eighty years. I want to retire and enjoy my golden years. I’ve written two books and I have at least two more books to write. I want to live long enough to do that. I won’t be able to do that if I can breath while I sleep. I’ve lost an uncle who was just 60-years-old. I’ve lost other family members who were actually younger than me and I do not want to leave my kids to early. I’m determined to take care of myself and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

Stay tuned!