I’m Stitch Mainville

This is me BEFORE Weighing in at 257 lbs.

I don’t have an “AFTER” image just yet – Currently I weigh 243 lbs. I’ve lost 14 lbs. just by altering my diet and increasing my activity. Once I break the 240 barrier I’ll increase my cardio and hopefully we’ll see more of a difference and THEN I’ll update with a comparison photo. But until then – I’ll say I don’t look like THAT any longer. 🙂

I’m a published author of TWO books and a couple other blogs. I try to keep busy with my dog, Penny and my wife, Nadine. I’m the father of… uh, let’s just say “many” kids but they’re all grown and out on their own, so it’s just me, Nay and Penny in the house now.

If you’re interested in reaching out, you can find me on my Facebook Page or just email me at I’d love to hear from you!